Charne & Frikkie – E-Shoot

January 17, 2017

Charne & Frikkie

Where to begin to describe their awesomeness. Starting at how amazing they are to have been going about their relationship long distant and managing to find time for one another to the extend that they are now getting married!!!!!

Janco has know Frikkie just about all his life, from the naughty boy stage to the stage where he was best man at our wedding and soon to be Charne’s husband. When you think of the name Charne & Frikkie you think of a couple that are sweet, warm, funny, quirky and a couple filled with Jesus’s love.

Charne dit het nie lank gevat vir jou om in ons almal se harte in te klim nie. Van die eerste kuier het dit gevoel asof jy nog altyd hier was. Frikkie choma ons kan nie begin te sê hoe bly ons vir julle twee is nie. Kani wag vir die groot dag nie.

Liefde die Haywoods

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