Jaco & Elrika E-shoot

January 19, 2017

This weekend we had the pleasure of photographing our brother’s engagement shoot. He is the last of the four kids to make his way down the aisle and we just couldn’t be more happy for him.

This shoot was by far the most challenging ( weather wise ) that we have ever had to do. But as most people know Jaco’s second name is “Over Kill Beukes” so there was no stopping us. There were moments when you could see with your bare eyes how the heat would escape their bodies and leave them with this pale skin tone.
The most heat one could get was by a kiss.

We met Elrika “our soon to be sister” at 2 of our wedding’s that we had photographed. We fell in love with her and said we have this brother right, you should meet him.
Soon after they met things just went as fast as a snow ball down a hill. It was not long after that they became engaged.

She is probably one of the most hardcore woman, we have yet met. She handels the snow and cold weather better than we had ever anticipated and even if we had asked her to walk bear feet on the snow for an amazing shot she would have.

Ons is so bly jy gaandeel wees van die family. En kan nie wag om julletroue ook afteneemnie. yay

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