JCclick Selfie Photoshoot

May 3, 2016

This holiday We took the liberty of doing a couple shoot. We traveled over 6000km this holiday with a mission to see more of this beautiful country will call home. We found ourself at Klein-Pella and decided to do our very own couple shoot. Might I add how challenging it was to pose yourself – check exposure and get an emotion with no one talking to you. Janco even cut of his head a few times with under guessing how tall he is for the frame of the camera. All in all we had a lot of fun and got to feel the other side of the camera.

J&C_0001 J&C_0002 J&C_0003 J&C_0004 J&C_0005 J&C_0006 J&C_0007 J&C_0008 J&C_0009 J&C_0010 J&C_0011 J&C_0012 J&C_0013 J&C_0014 J&C_0015 J&C_0016 J&C_0017 J&C_0018 J&C_0019 J&C_0020 J&C_0021 J&C_0022 J&C_0023 J&C_0024 J&C_0025 J&C_0026 J&C_0027 J&C_0028 J&C_0029 J&C_0030 J&C_0031 J&C_0032 J&C_0033

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