Sariza en Ebbie – E shoot

May 2, 2016

We give you the whole sneak peak… With Ebbie being a videographer, we just couldn’t resist putting one of our collection of old camera’s in his hands. We are sooooo happy that we wil be photographing there wedding very soon.

E&S_0004 E&S_0005 E&S_0006 E&S_0007 E&S_0008 E&S_0009 E&S_0010 E&S_0011 E&S_0012 E&S_0013 E&S_0014 E&S_0015 E&S_0016 E&S_0017 E&S_0018 E&S_0019 E&S_0020 E&S_0020-2 E&S_0021 E&S_0022 E&S_0023 E&S_0024 E&S_0025 E&S_0026 E&S_0027 E&S_0028 E&S_0029 E&S_0030-1 E&S_0030-2 E&S_0031 E&S_0032-1 E&S_0032-2 E&S_0033 E&S_0035 E&S_0036

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