Simone & Rigardt E-shoot

June 30, 2015

WE give youR&S_0001 R&S_0002 R&S_0003 R&S_0004 R&S_0005 R&S_0006 R&S_0007 R&S_0008 R&S_0009 R&S_0010 R&S_0011 R&S_0012 R&S_0013 R&S_0014 R&S_0015 R&S_0016 S&R_0017 S&R_0018 S&R_0019 S&R_0020 S&R_0021 S&R_0022 S&R_0023 S&R_0024 S&R_0025 S&R_0026 S&R_0027 S&R_0028 S&R_0029 S&R_0030 S&R_0031 S&R_0032 S&R_0033 S&R_0034┬áSimone and Rigardt’s awesome Engagement shoot. The light was just beyond our imagination and with a couple like these two the shot couldn’t get any better. Thanks Simone & Rigardt for a wonderful time together we cant wait for the wedding.
Hair: By Emri Griessel
Makeup: Corne from “Beautiful change”

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