Yolandi & Hein E-shoot

March 15, 2016

Yolandi being such a creative person really brought her creative juices to the table and as you know we are nothing without the men in our life to make it happen, thanks Heinrich for helping make this shoot such a wonderful time for us. . As you may have heard in the preview this shoot was shot in their very own backyard in warmbad.
We cant wait for their wedding next year its going to be amazing…

Thanks for Corne: From “Beautiful Change” for the hair and makeup and for going with us for a road trip, always the best having you with us.

H&Y-E-shoot_0003 H&Y-E-shoot_0004 H&Y-E-shoot_0005 H&Y-E-shoot_0006 H&Y-E-shoot_0007 H&Y-E-shoot_0008 H&Y-E-shoot_0009 H&Y-E-shoot_0010 H&Y-E-shoot_0011 H&Y-E-shoot_0012 H&Y-E-shoot_0013 H&Y-E-shoot_0014 H&Y-E-shoot_0015 H&Y-E-shoot_0016 H&Y-E-shoot_0017 H&Y-E-shoot_0018 H&Y-E-shoot_0019 H&Y-E-shoot_0020 H&Y-E-shoot_0021 H&Y-E-shoot_0022 H&Y-E-shoot_0023 H&Y-E-shoot_0024 H&Y-E-shoot_0025 H&Y-E-shoot_0026 H&Y-E-shoot_0027 H&Y-E-shoot_0028 H&Y-E-shoot_0029 H&Y-E-shoot_0030 H&Y-E-shoot_0031 H&Y-E-shoot_0032 H&Y-E-shoot_0033 H&Y-E-shoot_0034 H&Y-E-shoot_0035 H&Y-E-shoot_0036 H&Y-E-shoot_0037 H&Y-E-shoot_0038 H&Y-E-shoot_0039 H&Y-E-shoot_0001 H&Y-E-shoot_0002

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