Zelda & Marius – E-Shoot

June 30, 2015

Wow what an amazing trip with some truly amazing people. It felt like a mini vacation with friends. It was so special for us to be a part of a shoot that was close to the couples heart. Like we wrote previously it was the location where they fell in love and we got to capture it on camera. We cant wait for this wedding its going to be crazy fun.

Z&M_0001 Z&M_0002 Z&M_0003 Z&M_0004 Z&M_0005 Z&M_0006 Z&M_0007 Z&M_0008 Z&M_0009 Z&M_0010 Z&M_0011 Z&M_0012,2 Z&M_0012 Z&M_0013 Z&M_0014 Z&M_0015 Z&M_0016 Z&M_0017 Z&M_0018 Z&M_0019 Z&M_0020 Z&M_0021 Z&M_0022 Z&M_0023 Z&M_0024 Z&M_0025 Z&M_0026 Z&M_0027 Z&M_0028 Z&M_0029 Z&M_0030 Z&M_0031 Z&M_0032 Z&M_0033 Z&M_0034 Z&M_0035 Z&M_0036 Z&M_0037 Z&M_0038 Z&M_0039 Z&M_0040 Z&M_0041 Z&M_0042 Z&M_0043 Z&M_0044 Z&M_0045 Z&M_0046 Z&M_0047 Z&M_0048 Z&M_0049 Z&M_0050 Z&M_0051 Z&M_0052 Z&M_0053 Z&M_0054 Z&M_0055 Z&M_0056

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